Guidelines for pictures and videos

Pictures say more than 1000 words – especially on the Internet. Good photos can make an ad successful! In addition to the tips that we have for you, there are also a few rules to follow.


This should definitely not be shown in a picture:

  • Brand names
  • other people
  • teddy bears or toys
  • your email address or telephone number
  • www-addresses

Protection of minors

We only publish pictures that can be classified according to FSK16. Primary genitals and obscene representations are therefore taboo.


The images you use in your ad must be yours. If a photographer took the pictures, you have to give the name of the photographer – depending on the arrangement.

Images that you have downloaded somewhere on the Internet are not allowed to be used in your advertisement. If we learn that you are using stolen images, we will have to delete your ad without refunding the booking fee.


Be honest! Too much image processing takes revenge the moment your guest stands in front of your door and is disappointed.

Pay attention to the surroundings! Try to take pictures in beautiful surroundings. You are the most important thing in the picture, but you look even more seductive in a beautiful and atmospheric environment.

The right light is crucial for a good photo. Hard shadows make you look hard and accentuate certain parts of your body unfavorably.

You don’t necessarily have to go to a photo studio – sometimes it’s much more authentic if you take the pictures yourself. You can also ask a friend to help you with this. Just try out different outfits, settings and positions. You will see that you can have a lot of fun doing it. And that also comes across in the pictures. But if you apply to a dominatrix studio, a brothel or a massage parlor, it will be better to have the pictures taken by a professional.

Don’t show everything about yourself. This way you leave the viewer room for his imagination. The head cinema should go on when he sees the photos.