FAQ Erodate Berlin

We offer different booking periods:

For everyone who wants to work spontaneously: 1 day = 10.-
For everyone who is visiting Berlin: 1 week = 50.-
For everyone who is in Berlin for a longer period of time: 1 month = 100.-
For everyone who doesn't want to worry about booking periods: 1 year = 1000.-

All prices already include 19% VAT.

What we don't offer are subscriptions that renew automatically. So you don't have to worry about ending up in a subscription trap.

We offer different options:
1. Prepayment by bank transfer
2. Prepayment by cash payment
3. Instant payment via NetDebit

Once you have registered with us, we will discuss together which method is the most convenient for you.

We all know the problem of having to remember passwords everywhere. And often they are then forgotten ...

That's why we have a completely new method of logging in: a four-digit code that is sent to your mobile phone. In order for this to work, you have to enter the mobile phone number on which the code should be send when registering.

All you have to do is remember your username.

Because we don't have a community that consists of age-verified members. Therefore there is no one who can look at the pictures. Because you can only show such pictures to adults and they have to prove how old they are before they can gain access to such content.